What are the Health Problems Related to Dirty Toilets?

Toilet Infection from public washrooms

Dealing with the fear of using public toilets? You are not alone! There are many who get anxious about public washrooms as they are literally manufacturing factories of germs and there is no doubt that not a single part in public toilets is germ-free. The sink, floor, doorknob, the flush handle, everywhere you see, infectious viruses and bacteria are ruling everywhere and causing the toilet infection. And this is not bad; the worse is these bacteria don’t restrict themselves to the surfaces. And surprising facts is after you flush; germs can climb up to 6ft. and stay in the air for around 2 hours.

Public washrooms are a nightmare in India, (unfortunately) and ladies dread them the most. Smaller bladders than men, the inability to stand and pee, and dirty toilets you’ll never sit on. All these reasons sum up to become the most difficult part of a woman who needs to travel long hours for a job, or spend the whole day shopping or simply on a day out with friends.

Is it possible to catch diseases from a single toilet seat?

Dirty toilets not only cause you to cringe but also can land you in the hospital because of the severe health risks they have. Women particularly are more vulnerable to infections and such infections can also result in complications in pregnancy, menstruation, or just regular everyday life.

Before you sit on a dirty toilet seat and pee, you should know about some diseases like herpes, chlamydia or any other STD that could cause genital infection. Good news is that women are stringent to get such infections as germs will not survive on a cold toilet seat. Many gynaecologists have affirmed that such diseases won’t spread from a dirty toilet and women need to sit on these.

But wait. What about any fluid left behind and you mistakenly ignore it before seating on the toilet seat? What if you have any wounds that are open and such fluids transmit any of the bacteria and viruses? This is such a big risk.

While you have got so much potential threat around you, we provide you with a list of diseases from a toilet seat and public washrooms.

Gut Infection

One of the most common bugs found in a lavatory is faecal-borne bacteria like E.coli, Streptococcus, Staphylococcus and shigella. An infected person’s faeces can transmit the infection to the surface and cause bloody diarrhoea, abdominal cramps, dysentery, etc.

Lung and Skin Infections

While streptococcus in public toilets will result in contagious throat and skin infection, prolonged stay of staphylococcus on surfaces will cause respiratory disease, food poisoning, etc.

Viral Infections

One of the most shocking causes of cold and influenza can be a public toilet. Viruses that cause cold don’t survive for an extended time, but harmful viruses like influenza, norovirus, etc. can stay for days on bathroom surfaces.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs)

Although the possibilities are rare, you’re still doubtless to get an STD by using an infected seat. Although very rare, infectious bacteria and viruses on a bathroom seat will come in contact with an occasion in your skin and cause an STD.

How can you prevent such things?

Although the chance for acquiring infections will increase manifolds after you have used a public toilet, there are still some preventive measures for personal hygiene for women which will help them keep diseases at bay. These straightforward hygiene practices can assist you to go a long way in the battle against germs. Here are a number of them:

  1. Use tissues to open the toilet door.
  2. Use seat cover, and if there isn’t one, clean the bathroom seat with a tissue before using it.
  3. If you can’t manage to clean the seat before using it, hover closely higher than the bathroom seat.
  4. Use toilet tissue to press the flush button.
  5. Wash your hands properly after using the bathroom.

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