Try These Easy and Healthy Feminine Hygiene Tips for Healthy Life

Hygiene Tips for Females

We are always comfortable with our bodies, we all have many questions on how we smell down there, is it a normal smell and what’s normal anyway?

Every woman’s vagina, even the healthy one, has its own special scent. Yet, that below-the-belt area many times gets a bad reputation. Sadly, people think that Vagina is the dirtiest place on the earth. But the fact is, there are more bacteria in our mouth than in the vagina. Indeed, the vagina has a particular smell which differs from woman to woman, depending on your diet, clothing material and how hydrated you are.

A learning process is necessary when it comes to feminine hygiene. You might know about your body from many sources like school, internet, friends and your mother. Chances are, some feminine hygiene skills are never been taught to you have changed over time. Well, we leave no space for you to worry about; here are some easy tips to maintain a healthy life.

Keep it clean and dry

Before jumping directly to feminine hygiene products, try homegrown methods. Keep the vaginal area dry and clean. Use cotton instead of any rough cloth or any other unclean cloth. Cotton is the best possible fabric selection for an undergarment; it can reduce the moisture level by keeping the skin cool and dry. With breathable cotton, it can reduce the risks of bacterial infections or growth. On the other side, fabrics like satin will retain moisture. It may reduce the airflow, making it irritating and rough. The use of such material will also encourage yeast and bacterial growth, which may lead to infections. You should also keep changing the sweaty workout clothing and wet swimsuits to prevent infections.

Try not to douche

Basically, spraying the vagina with water, again and again, is Douching. Your vagina has the power to take care of itself. It can self-clean and naturally create some discharge which will help get rid of bacteria and germs from your body. So, continuously douching and using hard chemicals and soaps can disturb your normal pH balance and can irritate the vaginal area and wash away the good discharge and good bacteria. Remember, douching will not hide the smell. It won’t cure what’s going on down there. For instance, if your vagina smells like a rotten fish or something, you may be having common vaginal infections. Use warm water and a mild cleaning agent.

Take proper care of your diet

Maintaining a proper diet will do magic to your body and vagina. Foods like Yogurts with live cultures are a good source of bacteria removal and help to improve vaginal health. If you are habitual to urinary infections, cranberry can also help as an internal medicine for your vagina.

Use fresh towels

Wash and change your towels and clothes for reuse purpose. Reusing the towels is not always suggested as bacteria can cling to these materials. And that potentially throws you under the risk of getting infections.

Practice safe sex

Proper, correct and consistent use of latex condoms removes the risk of STDs that are transmitted by genital fluids such as chlamydia, gonorrhea, and trichomoniasis. But, yes, condoms do provide lesser protection against STDs through skin-to-skin contacts like genital warts, herpes, and syphilis.

When condoms are used inconsistently and incorrectly, they might not protect you against STDs. There is nothing to worry about if they failed and you got STDs. Therefore, proper use of condoms is suggested and has a better & safe sex practice.

Take care in Menstrual period

With the invention of high-absorbency pads, it’s simple to forget how necessary it is to change them often. Otherwise, bacterial overgrowth, rashes, and general discomfort could occur. To stop these conditions from developing, specialists suggest changing pads each 6 to 8 hours.

Many of the times, ladies have to use public washrooms and latrines in an emergency or when they are out. Public washrooms are usually unclean places where bacteria are found on a major basis. Women usually feel disgusted using such facilities and considering all these things in mind, Pankh an initiative by two-likeminded people to spread awareness about healthy hygiene and life. They have come up with a revolutionary product named as ‘Female Urination Device’ which is basically a stand and pee device for women across all ages. Know more about this revolutionary device and adopt a healthy life.

A healthy vagina is a showcase of better sexual health and wellness. By following these healthy habits, it’s possible to avoid itches, infections, and rashes. Start with cleaning, using the right feminine hygiene products, following a proper diet and maintaining vaginal pH balance. Add some exercises and yoga to your list to keep your vagina strong and healthy.


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