Top 7 Hygiene Products Every Indian Women Needs to Own

Until a few years ago, the feminine hygiene featured last on the priority list of Indian women. Thanks to several awareness-building initiatives by governments, wellness-focused individuals, and social entrepreneurs, now feminine hygiene have become one of the top priorities for Indian women. Women now understand the importance of practising healthy hygiene and feeling comfortable, clean, and confident on regular days, as well as during their periods. There has been an increasing demand for several feminine hygiene products in recent years. These sanitary wellness products have not only made lives easier for women during periods but also helped them maintain personal hygiene while on the go. This post discusses the top 7 intimate hygiene products that every Indian woman would love to own.

7 Revolutionary Feminine Hygiene Products for Indian Women

The following feminine hygiene products are distinguished into external and internal products depending on their use.

  1. Organic Sanitary Pads: As the name suggests, these pads are made of organic cotton and contain no harmful synthetic agents, chemicals, and pesticides. Also, these pads help reduce the chances of irritation in women with sensitive skin. Heyday, Nurture, Vivanion, Saathi, Carmesi, Natracare, Sakhi, and Purganics are some brands offering organic sanitary pads in India.
  2. Washable Cloth Pads: These have been the popular menstrual hygiene products used by Indian women for centuries. Made of cotton, these cloth pads are washable and can be reused. These pads are less irritating because they contain no chemicals, and have less absorbency than sanitary napkins.
  3. Panty Liners: These are also sanitary pads, however, the difference is these pads are designed for days when there is a spotting or light flow. Panty liners are not recommended for heavy flow days and are also ideal to soak yellowish or white discharge post intercourse or in days of ovulation. Bella Panty Mini, Sirona Ultra-Thin Premium Panty Liners, Whisper Daily Liners, Pee Safe Aloe Vera Panty Liners are some popular brands of panty liners preferred by women in India.
  4. Tampons: These are tube-shaped products made of rayon and cotton, which are placed inside the vagina during the menstruation. The tampons have strings attached to their ends, which help users remove them safely after the use. These tampons are provided with applicators that help insert them easily inside the vagina without using hands. Available in different thickness ranges such as regular, light, and super thick, a user can choose them according to their flow. FLOH tampons, Helen Harper Tampons, and Bella Tampons are a few popular brands of tampons in India.
  5. Menstrual Cups: These cups are inserted into the vagina to collect the menstrual blood. Unlike sanitary pads or tampons, these cups can be used for up to 10-12 hours depending on the flow. These cups can be washed and reused. Made of different materials, these cups come in different types and sizes. Sirona, WOW Freedom, San Nap, and iCare are a few important brands offering menstrual cups in India.
  6. Female Urination Devices: It doesn’t matter, whether you are menstruating or not, you can use these female urination devices every day. These devices are perfect for women of all ages, and they allow women to stand and pee comfortably in unhygienic toilets. These female urination devices are ideal for women who travel a lot, or women with the history of medical illnesses, or pregnant women who cannot squat in public toilets. These pee funnels are designed for easy use and feature tri-fold waterslide design, which direct urine downwards.
  7. Feminine Wipes: Mostly made of cloths for cleaning the vaginal area during menstruation, these feminine wipes have become one of the most intimate hygiene products in India. These wipes are also ideal for regular use and they help prevent vaginal infections. Pure Feminine Intimate Wipes are one of the most popular brands of feminine wipes in India.

Being a hygiene conscious woman, you may already know the importance of vaginal hygiene, isn’t it? So, you cannot afford to invest in low-quality products. Hence, it is important that you choose the right intimate hygiene products in India from innovative brands such as Pankh which really cares for you. Explore Pankh product range and discuss your thoughts with your colleagues, family members, or peers before investing in revolutionary products like Stand & Pee Device.


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