Female Urination Device 5 Funnels Regular Pack


₹85 ₹99 4.5 out of 5 stars

Pankh is a revolutionary Stand And Pee Device that allows women to exercise their “Right to Pee” without bothering about dirty toilets, painful knees, or stained panties. This female travel urinal device 5 funnels small pack features 5 single time use funnels, which can be safely disposed of after the use. The women pee tool is made from high-quality wax coated paper that makes it water resistant, and smart trifold design makes it perfectly fit for a flow area. Now it is easy to say No to Dirty Toilets, Squatting, Yucky Feelings, and above all – Urinary Tract Infections.

Reviews of the Month

It is easy to use and is very handy. Totally recommend this for use in public toilets. I have tried with 5 funnels trail pack and it gave me the idea of product and its benefits in public toilets and unhygienic places of loo.

-Divyanshi Mathur

Bought this item for my sister, comfortable to use and both of us don’t have to worry about all dirty/ unhygienic or any public toilet specially while travelling. Recommended if anyone care about personal hygiene for women.



Disposable Female Urination Device 5 Funnels 1 Pack


Pankh is India’s best female portable urinal device that assures them “Freedom to Pee” whenever or wherever they want. This women pee tool is recommended by medical experts and other women – who have used them or currently using them regularly during their travel. It allows them Stand, Tilt, and Pee in public and common toilets at trains, airports, metro stations, or during treks, road trips, and more. Also recommended for women to use during pregnancy, or when battling painful conditions such as osteoporosis, slip discs, and more. Offered with a easy-to-follow instructions on the pack, this portable urine device can be easily placed in the flow area and tilted for a free flow experience. Made from coated, moisture-resistant paper for single use.


Ideal for Women

  • Who have to access dirty toilets every day
  • Who go on road trips, or attend music festivals
  • Who cannot use regular toilets during pregnancy
  • Who cannot use toilets due to several painful conditions


Advantages of Pankh Stand To Pee Device

  • Designed for use in unfriendly and dirty toilets
  • Avoid germs and urinary tract infections
  • No need to hold or ignore pee for a long time
  • No stress on knees, Stand Still, Tilt, Use, and Throw
  • Say No to Yuck Feelings, Germs, and More

5 Funnels Regular Pack


  • Consists of 5 use-and-throw urine funnels
  • Ideal for women to use in dirty public toilets or when suffering from painful health conditions
  • Eliminates the need to squat and pee in public toilets
  • Made from coated, waterproof paper
  • Say No to Dirty Toilets, Urinary Tract Infections, and Germs
  • For single use



Pankh is a revolutionary USE & THROW pee funnel that allows women to STAND & PEE safely in unhygienic environments. Portable design and moisture-proof. Great choice for women who are on move. Easy to carry in purses and bags. No worries of wetting your panties or hike pants during peeing. Best to use during long distance travel. No need to hold your pee for long hours!




Gently push the top, front and back.



Move your panties aside, place the open end of the funnel between your legs, right under the flow area.



Bend a little, ensure that the funnel is tilted downwards.



Dispose off in the Bin.

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