Effective Steps to Deal with Unhygienic Public Toilets

Tips to deal with unhygienic public toilets

Do you travel for work? Do you love exploring new places? What is the common issue you have faced in both situations? When questioned, most women would answer that unhygienic toilets at public restrooms are one of the most common issues faced by them. Though these public restrooms can be a great relief at times, still the thought of digestive parasites, germs, and poo particles will make most women wary of using them even sparingly. How to use public restroom safely is one of the main concerns among women. This post gives away some effective steps to limit exposure to these notorious agents lurking in public washrooms.


  1. Use Toilet Paper to Your Defense: Ensure that you are equipped with some tissues before you start travelling or you can use the ones available in the toilets. You can lay tissue rolls on the toilet seats to create a barrier between your skin and the toilet seat.
  2. Learn Squatting for Success: Squats for weight loss is a favorite catchphrase among women who have been trying hard to achieve slimmer bodies. Squatting in unhygienic public toilets can offer many significant benefits than squatting for weight loss say experts. Although many women use a toilet paper to avoid bacteria on a toilet seat, still it may not be a safe bet, because the paper may move. However, squatting means there is no contact between the toilet seat and your skin. So, you need not to worry about infectious diseases.
  3. Use Travel Pee Funnel: Squatting works safe for women of all ages, still, it may not be a workable option for women suffering from arthritis or in different stages of pregnancy. This is where travel pee funnel can be of great help. Today, you can easily find several non-disposable and disposable pee funnels online. Pankh travel pee funnel is one of the leading disposable stand and pee urinal devices available in the market. This device allows women to stand and pee in the toilet like men. Made of moisture-resistant wax coated paper and featuring water-slide design, women only need to hold this funnel in the flow area for a germ-free flow experience! Also, they need not worry about wetting their pants, panties, or other clothing, because it is designed to use with minimum efforts.
  4. Avoid Touching Flush with Bare Hands: Do you know that a flush in a public toilet may carry millions of dreadful bacteria? Thus, be careful when using them. Use a toilet roll to touch the handle of flush, and also ensure that your face is away from the toilet when flushing.
  5. Wash Your Hands: This is one of the important cardinal rules of washroom hygiene, still, many of us tend to forget it. It is universally recommended to rub hands under the running water for at least 20 seconds before applying the available soap solution. This will stop dangerous pathogens from entering your body.
  6. Use a Tissue Paper to Touch Door Handles: There are several contaminated areas in a public washroom, and door handles of public toilets are one of them. So, always use a sanitizer spray or a tissue paper while touching the door handles in public toilets.


The Final Takeaway

By now, you might have got an answer on how to use public toilets safely. If you are successful in creating a barrier between your skin and contaminated areas, then you will be fine. If you are still are worried, then feel free to invest in a pack of travel pee funnels and sanitizer wipes – as both can easily fit into your purse and keep you safe from lurking bacteria.


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