5 Reasons Why Female Should Stand and Pee

stand and pee

We have heard ‘we are what we eat’, but do you know, ‘we are what we drink’ too?

You got to urinate many times after drinking juices, tea, water, coffee, alcohol and what not! Everything else can be stored in our bodies, and urine tells a lot about how our bodies are acting on the things we have in a day and how it reacts like a warning system to alert when there is some problem and answering these warning calls is important for personal hygiene for women.

The urge to pee can come anywhere you are ladies, whether it’s your home, office, transit, long-distance trips and even on your adventurous treks. Who can deny Nature’s call?

While you are out in public places, do you prefer to use public washrooms? Obviously, they are disgusting. Truly, the conditions of the public washrooms in India are horrible and yet to improve a lot better, making them hygienic and safe for any woman out there.

How about an idea where women can stand and pee? We give 5 interesting reasons why women peeing outdoor is cool and necessary. Keep reading to know more.

  1. Horrible Public Washrooms: A portable female urination device from Pankh will prevent from handling those dirty toilet seats. With a groovy disposable device like this, there’ll be no issue in standing and peeing. Better part – You get a similar “PEE ANYWHERE” experience that made you jealous of men.
  2. Office Toilets: Don’t get us started on the bathrooms in your offices. With less than 2 rounds of cleanup throughout the day and hundreds of people sharing the same lavatory, they definitely are the home for bacteria. One can’t help however frown at the very thought of urination. Carrying a transportable device can really be a lifesaver for the working ladies.
  3. Are you on a trek? : When nature calls in the inside of nature, unlike men, women won’t be ready to pee standing up against the tallest tree. Also, when you are stuck in a campsite and don’t wish to risk going out in the dark for a tinkle, then a transportable urination device is simply the thing for you. With Pankh you’ll be able to feed the wanderlust soul in you without the worry of unhygienic Porta Potties!
  4. Elderly People: Controlling pee may be a common problem faced by the aged. A portable urination device is a fantastic aid for the old and people with mobility disorders. Also, the elderly find it tough to squat and sit, so with the assistance of the women pee tools, they can easily surpass their urgency to pee in the standing position without any issues.
  5. Quick, simple and convenient: These female urination devices are very simple to carry on in your purse. The better part is you can stand and pee without utterly sitting or pulling down your pants. These devices are neat, safe and discrete!

Have you ever tried peeing standing up? Have you used any specific pee funnel or a device and which do you prefer? Have you ever had urinary problems? What did you do to solve it? Leave us a comment below. We’d like to read about your story.


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