5 Easy-to-Follow Toilet Tips for Female Travelers

Traveling is no longer a male bastion. A study by the George Washington University School of Business suggests there has been tremendous growth in female travelers since the last decade. Almost two-thirds travelers across the world are women, who may travel solo, along with other women, or with male friends. These women travelers are from all age groups and nationalities. Although their Instagram or Facebook profile may paint a rosy picture of their trips, still there are several challenges that these women are reluctant to discuss. Many of these challenges have been addressed over the years, whereas, a major challenge that remains unaddressed is an issue of unhygienic toilets. This post gives away 5 important toilet tips for women who might be planning their next travel to nearby locations or exotic destinations in South America, Asia, Africa, or Europe.


  1. Do Your Research on Tolerable Toilets and Build Your Vocabulary: If you are traveling to a new country where you don’t know the language it is important that you learn to inquire about the toilet or the washroom nearby. You can visit wikiHow to learn how to pronounce a word bathroom or toilet in different languages. In addition to this, you can download a reliable toilet finder app to find tolerable toilets in the destination you plan to visit. Trust us; there are many good apps to help you!
  2. Stack a Few Mini Rolls of Toilet Paper in Your Bag: It is always recommended to stack a big or small roll of toilet paper in your bag. In many Asian countries, toilet paper is not seen as a necessity, rather you might be handed a bucket of water or hose. In such conditions, a pack of toilet paper comes handy.
  3. Carry Travel Pee Funnel for Your Journey: Female travel urinal device allows you to actually stand and pee without worrying about dirty toilets. Pankh has brought in revolutionary disposable hygienic female urination device. This product helps women and girls to avoid sitting in public restrooms where germs are all around, and avoid squatting/hovering which is bad for women’s health. Offered in different value packs, these use-and-throw travel pee funnels can be stored flat, and packed in purses, bags, or wallets, too. If you are hearing it for the first time, it is quite obvious to think how a disposable hygienic female urination device can pass off as one of the important bathroom travel hacks. Here is how:
  • You don’t have to squat over unhygienic toilets anymore
  • You don’t have to sit in bushes or isolated areas any longer, as they may not be safe
  • You only need to slightly move your panties to use it
  • Pankh travel pee funnels are made of water-resistant paper, feature water-sliding design, and can be disposed of safely after the use
  • These funnels are provided in an affordable price range. So, you can actually save on medical bills spent on treating urinary tract infection (UTI) caused due to dirty toilets
  • Now it is easy to say goodbye to toilet anxieties, toilet phobias, stress incontinence, as well as yucky feelings due to unhygienic toilets
  1. Stack Wet Wipes or a Sanitizer in Your Bag: Many times, you may not find hand wash, soap, or a sink in toilets. So, you can use wet wipes for cleaning the seats before using or for wiping your hands after using the toilet.
  2. Build a Mental Defense: It is quite obvious that you may encounter several awkward toilet situations such as dealing with an unkept toilet, absence of a tolerable toilet on a long stretch, overcrowded community-managed or squat-style toilets, and more. It is important that you prepare yourself mentally to face such situations.


All the above mentioned outdoor toilet ideas were derived from the experiences of women who are constantly on move. These travel tips will be of great help when you are trying to fight your toilet phobia or toilet anxiety.


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