Why Pankh?


Pankh® is a disposable hygienic female urination device. With Pankh®, women and girls can avoid sitting in public restrooms where germs are all around, and avoid squatting/hovering which is bad for women’s health.

Female pee device for women with arthritis

Women With Arthritis

Pankh® is an ideal urinating solution for ladies with medical condition like Arthritis or for elderly women who experience difficulty while sitting.
female pee device to use in flight toilets

Airport / Flight Toilets

Toilets we come across while traveling are the most unhygienic, be it the ones Airports or the ones in flight. Pankh® is a must have travel companion.
female pee device for public toilets

Public Toilets

Pankh® is at your rescue when you need to use dirty public washrooms at workplace, restaurants, train/bus stations etc.
female pee device to use during pregnancy

Pregnant Women

Unique device that allows women to stand and pee, Ultimate solution for women during pregnancy.
women's outdoor pee device

Highways & Outdoors

Due to lack of hygienic facilities on highways or while exploring the outdoor, Pankh® is an essential part of every travel kit.




Gently push the top, front and back.


Move your panties aside, place the open end of the funnel between your legs, right under the flow area.


Bend a little, ensure that the funnel is tilted downwards.


Dispose off in the Bin.


Thanku “pankh” for such a wonderful product.i have been using this product from couple of days and it is comfortable to use. I have used many product like this earlier of different brands but this product has a great quality. I am going to suggest this to my family n friends too.
Surya ahuja
Guys finally a product is there for the women like me who travel alot and are bounded not to use public toilets…i am on my way to delhi but this time i wasn’t bounded anymore thanks to PANKH i used this product for 2 times today only and i must say the quality is superb and it is damn hygenic…i am in love with this product…it is super easy and comfortable to use i am surely going to buy more and more of it
Hi.. finally a product is here for ladies to get rid of the awkwardness they have to face when in public as to where find a secluded place unlike men. No more suffering of the dirty toilets and the infections caused. Nice product.. should be tried.
Thanks Arogya Yati that you though beyond Orthodox culture and present a very useful product for women. This product is very light ,easy to carry and more easy to use.
I would like to suggest the use of this product at least once. Thank you PANKH.

Disposable, Discreet, Reliable, Easy to Use!


Women behind pankh Pritamvada Chauhan

With a vision to provide simple & economical solutions to some of the very day to day challenges a female come across and Making their personal wellness & well-being goal, a goal for all women is the simple vision for our founders read more.

– Priyamvada Chauhan

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